Testimonials Provided by My Disciples

Sub A

“The following testimony is an amalgamation of 9 playroom sessions 1 dungeon session and 1 Skype session and all took place over an 18 month period. Being dominated by Miss Crush over an 18 month period is one of the most pleasurable experiences of my life. 

I remember our very first meeting: as I walked through the door she was dressed in a black latex top and skirt decorated by a red and black corset, stockings and nine inch heels. You never know which hair sfyle she will wear on any one meeting. With a natural beauty she has the ability to make them look like this year's celebrity hairstyle of choice. On this particular meeting her hair was short with deep blonde long waves. I've seen many beautiful women and visited many beautiful mistresses and on this occasion I had to compose myself so that I wouldn't appear like a little lost schoolboy - I almost got hold of my lower jaw and pushed it to meet my upper jaw. 

She describes Herself as diminutive but when face-to-face with her in her nine inch skyscrapers she can never be described in small terms. She is like a powerful being to be held in awe and wonder.

But what, dear reader, kept me coming back for more and more? The simple and shortish answer is that she has a natural flare for dominance which is not cultivated by the lengthy mentoring of a more experienced Mistress. Miss Crush's dominance is a natural and strong expression of herself. It's the little bits that stick in your memory like when she fucks you from behind and says in that voice, "Who do you belong to", or "Now bitch let's see what you can take". 

Let me talk of that voice. It has no discernible connection with an English region. It is a very sweet and smooth female voice that is analogous to pure silk but it has the backdrop of sheer dominance. The voice alone is enough to hold and captivate you.

Our sessions were focused on sadism. Her website says that monthly sessions are preferred as this enables the cultivation of a deeper connection. I paraphrase here and a deeper connection is what I got. 

One of her favourite methods of dominating me was ball busting with a riding crop and with her blue heavy plastic ball buster (bought my me). She would instruct me to lie down on my back and then sit on my stomach with her back to me. She would then administer a prescribed number of whacks and I had to give thanks for every one and count. Woe betide if I should loose count because that would add another 5 to the count. I was seeing stars. I often used to blurt out the trite phrase, "I love you", so intoxicated was I with the pain sensations.

Miss Crush has given me so many different sub-space experiences. She would put wooden pegs on my nipples that were connected by a bootlace. And then tighten the pegs with car battery clamps and then connect the bootlace via another bootlace and then tie it to my cock and balls. A tug at the nipples causes an associated tug at the cock. Waves of what felt like full body orgasms surged up and down between nipples and cock and back again. The pain hormones were surging in my body. I would sometimes disappear into another world, happy and content in the pain. Next she would often instruct me to put on my own ball parachute and attach her heavy paint tin to it. The nipple clamps were then swapped for 5 crocodile clamps on each nipple fastened together with a vibrating noose type nipple clamp. The pain as incredible. She would complete the ensemble by placing at least four small metallic pegs on my bell end. Gimp masked I was then led by a lead to follow in the wake of her beauty. The amalgamated pain from nipples cock and balls was slowly placed in the background as a light headed sub-space haze took over and I was led to gaze at her beauty and walk behind her to fall even more deeply under her thrall.

She has given me the best anal sex I've ever had. She just pumps away and soon enough I'm transported to another world as my hands wrap around my head as I experience some very weird astral like feelings. 

Another of her favoured training methods was pony riding around her apartment. She would attach her nipple clamps to chains and she would tug on the chains to steer me left or right. I remember one time as she directed me up to her full length mirror I gazed up at her on my back and I couldn't look at her. "Oh my god I said "you look so beautiful" and I had to turn away. I had to bow my head because I couldn't process such beauty. On another occasion when we were admiring our kinky selves in the mirror she said, "You know how you get turned on looking at me well I get turned on looking at me as well".

I've seen her so many times that the slave-Mistress dynamic was sometimes replaced by two good friends having a good time. There was laughter, tears and crying all intermingled with grunts, groans and pain screams. And it felt good and proper.“

Sub P

“I had been summoned to see Mistress to answer for an online misdemeanour.  On the morning of my appointment the message arrived early.  I was ordered into chastity and to close the padlock (Mistress holds the only key).  

I arrived promptly for my appointment, knowing that there were dire consequences for early or late arrival.  Mistress opened the door in a latex cat suit and boots - stunning.  Mistress slapped my face ordered me to my knees, to strip and to crawl to my corner in her playroom.  Mistress quickly added my collar, wrist and leg cuffs, securing my hands behind my back. Mistress then placed a pair of her worn knickers over my head and left me to contemplate the pain and humiliation that awaited me whilst she completed her final preparations.  

Mistress shackled me to the whipping bench and explained in detail the pain and humiliation I was to receive.  Mistress then proceeded to accurately delivered 40 strokes of the cane, but feeling that I was not sufficiently repentant added an additional 20 strokes, just because she could! 

Mistress then removed my chastity and encouraged me to erection with her riding crop.  Mistress ordered me to pull my foreskin back and delivered the final 10 strokes directly to the head.  Mistress moved swiftly on to one of her favourite activities, kicking, squeezing and crushing my balls into submission.  

I was ordered to kneel in front of Mistress and excite myself onto my hand.  I quickly delivered.  She spat on my hand and ordered me to eat and lick my hand clean.  I was dismissed.  

What I particularly like about Mistress is that she has the skills to cleverly increases the intensity of the servitude to well beyond any preconceived limits.  

If you would like to be in the presence of a beautiful, intelligent and stylish young dominatrix, then I recommend you beg Miss Crush for a little of her precious time.”

Sub C

“I first visited Miss Crush almost a year ago now, i had spent a long time browsing google search then all of a sudden I found Her and realised that I needed to contact Her to ask if I could book a session. After being accepted I was a bag of nerves but the morning of the session I got a message for Miss Crush asking if things where still good to go I told Mistress how nervous I was and she calmed me and said its normal to be nervous and explained what would happen as i got there.

Once I got to the door I was absolutely shaking with nerves I was so keen Mistress answered the door Miss looked incredible after inviting me in Miss had a short discussion with me and completely settled my nerves and explained all the things I wanted to understand She was incredibly understanding of the fact I was new and didn’t completely understand everything and happy to explain, we got into the session by the time it was over I felt incredible and knew I had made found the right Mistress. I think I booked the next session the same day I couldn’t wait to see Miss Crush again.

Since then I have seen Miss Crush at least twice a month and now I have so much confidence in how Miss will control the sessions I feel comfortable to try things I never thought I would!! I am lucky enough to be owned now by Miss Crush and with her help and guidance I am finally exploring my kinks with Her she provides the guidance and structure I crave Miss Crush is strict but will respectful of limits and more than anything an incredibly person I would advise anyone looking for a Mistress to contact Her and see for Yourself you will not be disappointed!!“

Sub T

“Dearest Goddess,

I had been without a Mistress for a couple of years and had struggled to find a new Goddess, I had looked at Miss Crush's profile on a number of occasions before I finally plucked up the courage to contact her. And I was certainly pleased that I did so, from our first communication it became clear that Miss Crush is everything that a dominatrix should be, stunningly beautiful, understanding, empathetic and challenging.

I have had the honour of serving my goddess on a number of occasions and under her careful guidance I have been re-introduced to my darker, kinkier side and have been stretched both mentally and physically. Her form when clad in her favourite material, latex, in my humble opinion cannot be surpassed. 

I cannot wait until our next session and look forward to trying her new spanking bench. Your devoted and unworthy sub T x”