The Beautiful Miss Crush

A Young, Brighton & Hove Based, Well-Spoken English Mistress With an Addiction to Rubber, Beauty and Power.

A Queen of Domination, Psychological Control, Physical Punishment and Training.

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Why Am I The Best?

Physically, I am perfection. Toned, young and petite, with a well spoken, classic English accent. Mentally, I am strong. I am Master's level educated, with an intense understanding of psychology and an ability to control you like no other. Whether on video, over a webcam, or in person (should you be so lucky) you have to witness what I provide to understand what sets me apart from the rest.

Powerfully Engaging

I am exhilarated by opulence, power, and malevolence, and this makes time with Miss Crush challenging, strict, but most importantly; addictive.

If you are fortunate enough to have the privilege of meeting me, you will never forget it. You only live once, so why wonder, what if?

I shall peer down at you from a vantage of perfection, and laugh as you beg for my attention. The scent of my rubber intoxicating your breath, and the beauty of my form captivating your gaze.

Beautifully Superior

I'm a beautiful, alluring young Mistress, but do not let that fool you, I have the experience, intellect and desire to control anyone in my sights. Observe me in awe, dishonor me at your peril.

With a wardrobe full of rubber and a penchant for Domination - I truly believe that women are superior. I am well spoken, highly educated, sadistic yet compassionate. 

i like long term relationships with my subs and slaves, and you won't see me working 24/7 on some cam site, this is not a job, this is a passion. 


The Fortune in Finding The Perfect Temptress

I more than welcome burgeoning slaves and submissives, but my skills, gravitas and strength of will have provided the most experienced of slaves, submissives and sissys with the most fulfilling and hypnotic of sessions.

Sessions will take place at my apartment in my playroom, with rubber bedding and a host of toys. If a dungeon or hotel is more to your taste, it can be discussed.

Your new mistress loves to dress up, and if you ask politely these are the sorts of things you might be so lucky to witness: latex skirts, dresses, hoods, stockings, heels, leather, boots, catsuits, leggings, tights, and all sorts of beautiful, opulent garments.

You must spend the time to read my site before contacting me. Then, should I allow it, you may begin the physical process of  succumbing to my innate supremacy.