Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How should I proceed if I want to book with you?
A. Read my website comprehensively so as to avoid asking needless questions, then you should use the contact form here, providing me with your interests and experience, so I can decide whether we are a good fit for each other.
Q. Can I climax?
A. I will not make any guarantees, the answer to this question is dependent upon my mood and your behaviour.
Q. Can I see you naked?
A. You may not see me naked. However, I will suggest CFNM.
Q. Can I request an outfit?
A. You are able to make a suggestion, but that is all.
Q. Can I worship you orally?
A. You may not.
Q. Do you provide sex?
A. I do not provide sex. Don’t insult me.
Q. Do you provide enemas?
A. I do not.
Q. Do you see couples?
A. I do, but I will not be able to entertain an extensive conversation regarding this possibility due to a high number of time-wasters approaching me with this request.
Q. How is parking near you?
A. I have affordable street-parking and a car park sits perpendicular to my street.